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Find out what everyone is thinking with a survey tool that works beautifully.

Track employee morale, opinions, and improvements in company culture. Resounding captures opinions and strength of preference with one click. Use our library of questions, or easily incorporate variations or whole surveys of your own.  



Telling Results


Pretty face, Strong back

Your people will use Resounding’s beautiful on-screen design to respond to our surveys quickly and easily. You can use Resounding’s data analysis and reporting tools to quickly view the data from all angles.



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Get started quickly, using our library of surveys, or easily build your own. We have surveys ready to go, on the subjects of Culture and Satisfaction, Pay and Benefits, Work-Life Balance, Teamwork, Creativity and Innovation, Feedback and Communications, and Training.

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Resounding’s mobile-first design makes every phone your opinion polling tool. Try it out for free with some sample surveys when you download the app.

Consultants: Implement Resounding

Use Resounding to poll your clients’ employees. You will provide a new level of value to your clients and ongoing depth to your relationships. Resounding will capture feedback that you can analyze, interpret, and report back to employers.